iTunesConnect Broken – Developers get blank screen

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iTunes Connect not connecting – Broken

Developers get blank screen – (now fixed)

(Updated 9:29am 20th July 2015 – Perth, Australia)

(Updated 6:26am 21st July 2015)

Apple Inc’s iTunesConnect service, the back end of the iTunes ecosystem was down from Thursday 16th July 2015 till Tuesday 21st July 2015.

Users are usually greeted with a layout of options where they can access different areas of their accounts. However, logging in showed only a grey  screen with an even  greyer horizontal line in the middle.

iTunesconnect Grey Blank screen

iTunesconnect Grey Blank screen


Apple’s response

The odd issue had been that apple had reported their iTunesConnect system status to be 100%. This means that on their end no issues existed, however , one twitter user tweeted that Apple staff should log in themselves to see the issue. More tweets of frustration are appeared.

-Update – it appears that all is well in Apple land as the iTunes Connect service has been restored.

Thank you Apple Inc!

itunesconnect iTunesconnect Grey Blank screen


Implications of a broken iTunesConnect

Without iTunesConnect, developers are unable to update/access their apps on the Appstore.

As a developer myself of the game BrainSlap! on the Appstore, I had been unable to access analytics or metrics of downloads. Additionally any reviews and updates had not been published and were inaccessible.


—-X— The site is still down and Apple is yet to comment or correct the situation.


The site is now working !




It appears that  some users, while having suffered the outage for a day or two, have been able to access iTunesConnect




Update – iTunesConnect is fixed!

iTunesConnect fixed




Thank you Apple Inc!



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