Apple , Google and Facebook App submission.


Ok…so Tuesday 9:30pm WA time. Just submitted Brain Slap! to facebook for permission approvals.

Apple review in progress.

Android…Well, android is pretty quick so I’m holding off so that it all gets released together.

Besides, Facebook needs to be approved first before  any further downloads occur to ensure we avoid the “does not have permission” signal which may present as dodgy.

One step at a time… Almost there!


This in my opinion has been the least fun of all the processes.


Processes In ranking (in my experience)


1. Coding – Awesome

2. Audio track creation – Just as Awesome!

3. Bug fixing – Awesome, rewarding , tiring

4. Plugin integration – Tedious, but great once it works!

5. Creating promo materials! – Great ..

6. App submission – fun ..until you realise that anyc hange to your game means you need to re-do 40 Odd pictures with the exact resolutions on both stores :/




App submission…and an IQ of 158! >.<

This is Sleepy Mouse  Out


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