Brain Slap! 3 Submissions – a mission of sorts.

Apple , Google and Facebook App submission.   Ok…so Tuesday 9:30pm WA time. Just submitted Brain Slap! to facebook for permission approvals. Apple review in progress. Android…Well, android is pretty quick so I’m holding off so that it all gets...

Voxel Models for Games

Just a quick share of something I’ve been working on…Mystic Deer. Taking a different graphical route with our next game… Can’t express how much I enjoy modelling these.  ...

Game Slap!: Game created by construction guy? Is it true?

“Game created by construction guy!” Is it true? Yes. Very much so. My name is Jacques and I’ve been running a stormwater drainage company for almost 10 years. 2 years ago I knew nothing about programming. My background is in economics and I was real...
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