“Game created by construction guy!”

Is it true?

Yes. Very much so. My name is Jacques and I’ve been running a stormwater drainage company for almost 10 years. 2 years ago I knew nothing about programming. My background is in economics and I was real estate agent for 2 years after leaving university. It was good for a while, but hard going when property went bust (and at the age of 23 I still looked 15) which may have made things a tad difficult.

My father had been in construction for decades. He and my uncle asked me to help out and before you knew it, the construction drainage company had quadrupled servicing a list of major builders in Perth. That business is Perth Soakwells  <— Notice the plug 🙂

Construction drainage Perth WA

I never had any training or experience in coding and at best I could make websites with Cabanova which is like Wix.  My days start at 6:30am and finish at about 6:30pm taking calls, solving construction issues, organising installations etc. Just last week I was finding and repairing broken PVC pipes out in woop woop (that means far far away).

Additionally, my wife and I service in a charity organisation where we cater for the emotional wellbeing of others which occurs most evenings after work- Wouldn’t change that for the world.





So when did the coding/graphics etc happen?


Saturday afternoons and evenings. Weekdays around 9:30pm before bed. Reading, learning, trying, experimenting. It took two years for me to really get the hang of. But now, I feel free. I can imagine then code.

So why use that slugline?… a bit of marketing, yes. But not only. I want others who dream of projects in whatever respect to know that when you stick to something, it starts working out even if it takes years. But keep at it.

Signing of on a Sunday night.







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